Congratulations! You’ve passed your driving test. So, now what? Are you going to hunt for that second hand Ford Fiesta you’ve been eyeing up for a while? While you’re now well within your rights to do so (and, honestly, we can’t blame you!), we also encourage you to not rush into anything just yet.

Before you dive into the world of insurance premiums and road tax, it may be a wise decision to take on the Pass Plus course which we offer here at A-Class Driving School. But what is it and what does it entail? Do you really need it if you’ve already passed?


Some of you may have heard about Pass Plus already from your driving instructor. If not, then let us fill you in. Pass Plus is a supplementary course that allows you to gain more experience on the road after you’ve passed your test.

While you get plenty of experience during all those lessons, your instructor may not have taken you everywhere. Motorways, for example, may not have been covered in your lessons and if so only minimally. After all, it was only last year that learners were allowed to drive on motorways.

This is where Pass Plus comes in handy. If the thought of driving on motorways without any supervision terrifies you, it is definitely recommended for you.


Aside from motorways, there are many types of road covered in the Pass Plus course which can give you that experience you need. This doesn’t just include different road types either; all sorts of weather conditions fall into the Pass Plus category.

These include:

  • Country roads

  • Dual carriageways

  • Rural roads

  • Driving at night

  • Driving in rain/fog/hail, etc.


It should be fairly clear what the long-term benefits of doing Pass Plus can provide. As well as gaining more road experience, your confidence levels will increase too. Even those who pass the first time aren’t necessarily sure of themselves the first time they start driving on their own, so Pass Plus is certainly a good idea.

As for more tangible benefits, it could help reduce your initial insurance payments for your car. For many young people, in particular, your risk level for many insurance companies is very high, therefore they are likely to charge you a fortune. Pass Plus eases that burden as it further proves your competence and experience as a well-rounded driver.

Interested in enrolling? Visit our Pass Plus page at A-Class Driving School today for your first lesson!

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