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5 Step Lesson Guide

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A. Apply for your provisional licence

To apply for your provisional licence you will need to have a D1 form from the post office or you can apply online. When applying with the form, you need to fill it out and sent it to the DVLA along with your passport or birth certificate and a passport-sized photo as ID. You are eligible to apply for a provisional licence 3 months before you turn 17, meaning you can start to learn as soon as you are 17.


B. Choose your instructor

Start looking into booking lessons with a good instructor early as they can get booked up quickly! It is important that you not only choose a fully qualified instructor, but you feel comfortable and safe in the car with them.


C. Start Studying

There is a lot to learn before you can take your practical test. You will need to have a strong knowledge on road theory and understand hazard perception. There are several apps, downloads and quizzes available to help you with these.


D. Consider how to pay for your lessons

You will need to consider how you will pay for your lessons. If you are paying for them yourself make sure you budget them ahead of time or you can book in blocks to save a bit of money. We also offer gift cards, so they can make the ideal birthday present!

A. Start your lessons

Your instructor will plan your lessons based on your driving ability and experience. Your first lesson will start at the basics and will develop as you build your driving skills. The first lessons will include:

  • Cockpit checks / Controls and instruments
  • Safe positioning / Safety checks
  • Moving away and stopping
  • Mirrors / Vision and use


B. Keep up the study

Now you are on the road, the theory that you have started to learn will now become useful in the road. As well as still studying, this will help you to remember what you have learned.


C. Start Planning

Learning to drive is not a quick process. Your instructor will be able to give you a rough idea of how many lessons you will need until you can take your practical test. Once you are know this you can start planning how driving lessons will fit into your life and what you will be able to do when you have your licence.

A. Continue your lessons

After a few beginner lessons, you will start to become more confident behind the wheel. Your lessons will now include more challenging tasks:

  • Signalling / Driving in traffic
  • Pedestrian crossings
  • Anticipating and planning
  • Junctions / Dual carriageways and use of speed


B. Keep up the Study

We know that you can be very busy and are focusing on driving but make sure you are still studying when you have the chance. Remembering theory when driving is useful but studying is what will help you through the theory test.


C. Private lessons

When not with your driving instructor you are legally allowed to have driving lessons with anyone who has been driving for 3+ years and is over the age of 21. You must be insured on any car you drive and be aware that the other car may have a different feel when driving compared to your instructors car.

A. Final Lessons

At this stage you’ll almost be the expert driver. With your skill and confidence you will be given even more challenging manoeuvres:

  • Roundabouts and turning the vehicle around
  • Reversing / Parking and emergency stop


B. Book your Tests

Now you are almost ready for your practical test, you should book your theory test. Once you have done this you will be ready to go.


C. Study Hard

Keep studying right up to the day of your tests. Review everything you have learned again and again.


D. Private lessons

Keep trying to get as much practice as you can behind the wheel.

A. Sit your tests

It’s finally time to take your driving test. Make sure you are well rested and fully prepared for your test. It is recommended to have one more driving lesson before your test to ensure you are feeling confident and ready. It is also required that you have an hour booked with your instructor before your test.

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